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  2. BlockNet – Blockchain Network Online Education for Interdisciplinary European Competence Transfer

BlockNet – Blockchain Network Online Education for Interdisciplinary European Competence Transfer

Project BLOCKNET is funded by the European Commission in context of the Erasmus+ program and aims at the development and implementation of an interdisciplinary Blockchain Technology (BCT) Small Network Online Course (SNOC). To date, there are no interdisciplinary courses providing students of different majors with knowledge about BCT, its applications and impact on business environments, as well as comprehensive essential skills to be prepared for the interdisciplinary work they will face in future projects. These needs will be addressed by project BLOCKNET – more details on: http://project-blocknet.eu

Project BLOCKNET includes the following milestones and intellectual outputs that are prepared within its European Consortium across Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark and Germany:

  1.  the project will conduct a benchmarking study analyzing best practice blockchain course examples from universities, corporations and associations’ educational programs. Furthermore, the competencies requirements and job adverts will be analyzed for developing the interdisciplinary theoretical skill concept.
  2.  the insights gained will be empirical validated by case studies with European firms in order to identify the best practice use cases for blockchain and required skills and competencies. Moreover, this provides a comprehensive and systematic analysis of skill and competence needed to be covered in the online course.
  3. based on this first ever comprehensive competence assessment and use case analysis project BlockNet is going to design a didactical and organizational concept for interdisciplinary Blockchain SNOC facilitating remote Learning opportunities leveraging educational access.
  4. Fourth, the multimedia learning material for interdisciplinary Blockchain SNOC will be produced and evaluated.
  5. Fifth, the course will be technically realized, conducted and evaluated in blended mobility with the students of participating universities

Blocknet Transnational Meeting
Oktober 2019

Kickoff in Kaunas, Litauen

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09/2018 – 02/2021