Masterarbeit zum Thema „Entwicklung und Gestaltung eines Intermaschinen-Marktplatzes auf Basis von Multiagenten-Systemen und Blockchain“

In Kooperation mit der Festo SE & Co. KG ist derzeit folgendes Thema zu bearbeiten (Bearbeitung kann auch auf Deutsch erfolgen):


Designing and implementing an intermachine marketplace based on multiagency systems and Blockchain

In times of increasing individualization conventional production approaches are pushing their limits. The demand of customized commodities is increasing. The heterogeneity in terms of design patterns and price points.

A number of forums and online-communities are dealing with personalized or even customized products. The spectrum ranges from printed mobile phone covers to tailor-made suits and vehicle configurations. Simultaneously, products have come a long way across the globe before they reach the customer. Many machines are idle since they are not needed for the product to be manufactured.

The corresponding question is ‘how can the manufacturing industry react appropriately to the trends concerning the batch size of one and in reference thereto adapt its production facilities to be able to cope with these new circumstances?

One promising approach lies within the flexibilisation of highly automated assets using generalised manufacturing cells and the opening of production facilities for external production orders. This approach allows the utilization of unused machine capacity from outside and allows a faster changeover for the production of products with smaller lot sizes.
This concept requires a global marketplace in which the machines are offering their services and hereupon negotiate the best conditions for a production order.

The thesis aims at the design and implementation of such a marketplace, using the infrastructure of the accompanying company (Festo), consisting of a provided mobile robot (Festo Robotino) and the Learning factory (FESTO MPS) as autonomous agents. These agents are part of a multiagency system (MAS) and based on the Fetch-AI Framework. Each agent pursues its own economical target, which has to be coordinated and achieved via the marketplace.

Prior knowledge of programming with python under Linux, an interest in the fields of robotics and Blockchain are recommendable. An introduction would already be possible. Further coordination regarding the topics and registration will take place in further exchange.

Interested students can contact us any time (nick.grosse@tu-dortmund). Please include the following documents with your application:
– letter of motivation
– transcripts of records
– Curriculum vitae

Hinweis: Der Beginn der Bearbeitung ist zeitnah möglich.


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25. Mai 2021