Master thesis: A simulation study of warehouse and material supply concepts comparing matrix and line production systems

12. Juni 2020

Matrix production systems are a promising approach to deal with the traditional conflict of objectives between productivity and flexibility. Production cells in the matrix can be arranged in practically any configuration within the boundaries of the grid layout. However, the high degree of freedom of such systems increases complexity and poses new challenges for material supply and warehouse management.

In this thesis, material supply concepts including warehouse setups for an automobile matrix and line production system should be developed and compared in an Anylogic simulation model. This includes defining required load carriers, type and number of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) as well as type and setup of warehouse areas (especially the use of block storage systems should be assessed). Based on this simulation study, the effects of the production system on the warehouse and material supply concept should be evaluated and described.

As a basis, existing Anylogic simulation models at our chair for an automobile assembly line as well as a block storage system will be provided and can be adapted for this work. Solid knowledge/previous experience with Java (Anylogic programming language) is a necessary prerequisite for this work.

Start: immediately (as of 12.06.2020)

The LFO offers:
– Exciting topics in the area of Industry 4.0 & autonomous production systems
– High learning effect through close supervision
– Possibility for PhD & contacts to well-known industrial companies
– Flexible time management and nice & familiar working environment

What we desire:
– Degree in industrial engineering/mechanical engineering/logistics with previous IT experience or (business) informatics, statistics
– Affinity for Production & Logistics 4.0
– Team player & Dedicated worker
– Sufficient English language skills
– Programming skills are necessary, Especially Java would be helpful
– Duration: approximately 6 months

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Daniel Mueller
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